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Skilled Trades (Apprenticeship) - Stationary Boiler Engineering - Advanced Certificate

Program Code: CTA.35909

The following advanced certificate is representative of typical Trade Related Instruction for Stationary Boiler Engineering. Employers are not restricted to this program and may elect to modify our programs to meet their specific needs. Employers desiring more information on Delta’s Trade Related Instruction should call the Skilled Trades Program Manager at 989-686-9476. Upon successful completion of all courses listed below, apprentices may apply for the advanced certificate with the Registrar’s Office. Prior academic course work or journeyperson card may be acceptable.

Delta College offers required Trade Related Instruction Programs for apprentices and up-graders. These programs are designed with the cooperation of industry and provide the instruction to strengthen the theoretical knowledge in each trade area. The combination of related instruction and on-the-job experience is essential in order to provide a complete program to train skilled personnel for the trades. Courses are offered during the evening only. The scheduling and registration for courses is the responsibility of the Skilled Trades Department; therefore, any inquiry about a particular class should be made directly to them by phoning (989) 686-9476 or (989) 686-9594.

Since many company apprenticeships programs are registered with the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, it is imperative that the registration of these courses be coordinated by the local plant apprenticeship coordinator and the College Skilled Trades Department. All Trade Related Instruction is subject to change per agreement with the participating employer and Delta College. Delta College does not issue a journeyperson’s card.

Core Courses

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
SKDR 1013Blueprint Reading ______________
SKDR 1413Pipe and Tube Isometrics ______________
SKMA 1034Applied Geometry and Trigonometry ______________
SKMT 2203Hydraulics and Pneumatics I ______________
SKMT 2223Hydraulics and Pneumatics II ______________
SKMT 1612Industrial Rigging and Safety ______________
SKPT 1063Pipefitters Handbook ______________
SKPT 1112Stationary Boiler Engineering I ______________
SKPT 1122Stationary Boiler Engineering II ______________
SKPT 1132Stationary Boiler Engineering III ______________
SKPT 1143Stationary Boiler Engineering IV ______________
SKPT 1213Fundamentals of Refrigeration & A/C ______________
SKWL 1033Introduction to Plasma, Carbon Arc, and Fuel Gas Cutting ______________
SKWL 1043Introduction to Shielded Metal Arc Welding ______________

39Total Credits


1 - File an application with the Registrar's Office to obtain the advanced certificate.

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