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Management - Marketing Management - Associate in Business Studies

Program Code: ABS.10256

This degree is designed to prepare you for a career in the field of marketing. As a graduate you will have studied the basics of: advertising from the marketing usage point of view; consumer behavior relating to buying; merchandising policies, budgets and planning; sales; retail organizational structure; product promotion and distribution.

General Education Courses

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
ECN 221W4Principles of Macroeconomics ______________
LW ---1Any 1 Credit LW Course AND ______________
LWA ---1Any 1 Credit LWA Course ______________
OR ______________
LW ---(2)Any 2 Credit LW Course ______________
OAT 1513Business Communication I AND ______________
OAT 1523Business Communication II ______________
OR ______________
OAT 151(3)Business Communication I AND ______________
ENG 111(3)College Composition I AND ______________
ENG 112(3)College Composition II ______________
OR ______________
OAT 151(3)Business Communication I AND ______________
ENG 111(3)College Composition I AND ______________
ENG 113(3)Technical Communication ______________
POL ---3/4Any Approved American Government Requirement ______________

Core Courses

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
ACC 1213Accounting for Managers ______________
OR ______________
ACC 211(4)Principles of Financial Accounting ______________
CST 133W4Computer Concepts & Competencies ______________
CST 1343Micro Computers in Business Using MS Office ______________
CST 1472Electronic Media Communication ______________
MGT 1103Business Mathematics ______________
MGT 1433Principles of Advertising ______________
MGT 1453Principles of Sales ______________
MGT 153W3Introduction to Business ______________
MGT 2433Principles of Marketing ______________
MGT 2453Principles of Management ______________
MGT 2473Principles of Retailing ______________
MGT 251W3Business Law I ______________
MGT 2543Applied Marketing ______________
MGT 2653International Business ______________
---6Approved Business Electives ______________

63/68Total Credits


1 - A minimum grade of “C” (2.0) or higher is required in CST 134, MGT 110, MGT 153W, MGT 243, MGT 245, MGT 247, MGT 251W, OAT 151 and OAT 152 or ENG 111 and ENG 112 or ENG 111 and ENG 113
2 - Business Approved Electives are any MGT 200-level courses or ACE courses not already in the degree program.

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