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Criminal Justice Corrections with Jail Officer Academy - Certificate of Achievement

If you are interested in working in a local correctional setting, such as a county jail, this three-class, six-credit certificate from Delta College is what you’ll need to get there.

A career as a correctional officer gives you the opportunity to work closely with inmates as they are rehabilitated. Daily duties include being responsible for the security of the offender, the public and the facility.

About the program

This certificate of achievement is offered twice a year (Winter and Spring) and the three classes are taken concurrently.

This certificate is designed for someone who is looking to change careers, quickly get hired to work at a local jail in a sheriff’s office or a combination of the two with plans to return to get a degree.

Before entering the program, students need to complete a pre-service application, which includes a reading and writing test, and a physical abilities test.

Courses are taught by Michigan Sheriff's Coordinating and Training Council approved instructors. Students will learn correctional law, custody and security, defense tactics, ethics, fire safety, communication, first aid and much more. 

This certificate may also be helpful in applying for local corrections officer positions in a jail or private correctional facility.

Job outlook

Job security for a corrections officer is high. Because of the demand created by rising inmate populations, layoffs of corrections officers are extremely rare. Counties across Michigan are currently hiring.

The average yearly earnings for a local corrections officer in Michigan with this certificate is $39,700. Starting wages average $24,960.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Find out more

Have questions or want more information? Contact:

Criminal Justice Program Coordinator
Gregory A. Teter
Associate Professor
989-686-9253; Office G-124

Criminal Justice Corrections with Jail Officer Academy - Certificate of Achievement

Program Code: CSZ.35726

The Delta College Criminal Justice program is designed to give you specialized knowledge of the criminal justice field combined with a broad general educational background. The program offers theoretical, practical, and technical instruction designed to meet an ever-increasing demand and continuous upgrading of personnel by law enforcement agencies. As a graduate of this program, depending on the option chosen, you would be prepared to seek employment as a police officer, corrections officer, private security, or prepare for careers in pre-law and many other related careers.

Certificate Requirements

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
CJ 1024Jail Officer Academy ______________
LWA 2791Defensive Tactics in Corrections ______________
LWT 1701Basic Life Support for the Health Care Provider ______________

6Total Credits Required


1 - A grade of "C" (2.0) or higher is required in all courses for the certificate.
2 - Employment within the Criminal Justice field may be delayed or denied depending on a history of convictions involving felonies, misdemeanors, and/or involving controlled substances.
3 - CJ 102, LWA 279, and LWT 170 are taken concurrently and together make up the Jail Academy (6 credits). For information about the Jail Academy, contact the Criminal Justice Training Center, 989-686-9108. LWA 279 with LW 170 fulfills the 2 required LWA credits for the Associate Degree.
4 - The Local Corrections Office Certification will be awarded upon successful completion of the Jail Office Academy (JOA) Certificate Option.

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