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Criminal Justice Corrections - Associate in Applied Arts

Program Code: AAA.25726

The Delta College Criminal Justice program is designed to give you specialized knowledge of the criminal justice field combined with a broad general educational background. The program offers theoretical, practical, and technical instruction designed to meet an ever-increasing demand and continuous upgrading of personnel by law enforcement agencies. As a graduate of this program, depending on the option chosen, you would be prepared to seek employment as a police officer, corrections officer, conservation officer, public safety dispatcher, juvenile officer, private security, or prepare for careers in probation/parole/courts, federal government, CSI, detective, pre-law and many other related careers.

General Education Core Courses

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
COM 112W3Fundamentals of Oral Communication OR ______________
COM 114W(3)Interpersonal Communication OR ______________
COM 222(3)Introduction to Acting ______________
CST 133W4Computer Concepts & Competencies ______________
ENG ---3Any Approved College Composition I Course AND ______________
ENG ---3Any Approved College Composition II Course ______________
OR ______________
ENG ---(3)Any Approved College Composition I Course AND ______________
ENG 113(3)Technical Communication ______________
LW ---1Any 1 Credit LW Course AND ______________
LWA ---1Any 1 Credit LWA Course ______________
OR ______________
LW ---(2)Any 2 Credit LW Course ______________
OAT 1702Keyboarding ______________
POL 103W3American Politics OR ______________
POL 104W(4)American Politics with Project OR ______________
POL 212W(3)State and Local Governments ______________
PSY 211W4General Psychology ______________
SOC 211W3Principles of Sociology ______________
SOC 215W3Sociology of Minority Groups ______________

Core Courses

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
CJ 110W3Introduction to Criminal Justice ______________
CJ 130W3Introduction to Corrections ______________
CJ 132W3Client Relations in Corrections ______________
CJ 135W3Correctional Institutions and Facilities ______________
CJ 233W3Client Growth and Development ______________
CJ 275W3Probation and Parole ______________
CJ 237W3Jails & Local Detention ______________
CJ 238W3Legal Issues in Corrections ______________
CJ 2503The Juvenile Offender ______________
--- ---0/5General Electives ______________

62Total Credits Required


1 - This Criminal Justice Program does not certify you for employment as a police enforcement officer as it does not incorporate the Basic Police Training (B.P.T.) Program.
2 - Employment within the Criminal Justice field may be delayed or denied depending on a history of convictions involving felonies, misdemeanors, and/or involving controlled substances.
3 - Keyboarding waiver test is available for OAT 170. Contact the BIT Division office, 989-686-9127, to arrange for waiver test. If proficiency can be demonstrated in computer concepts and competencies, additional electives may be substituted.
4 - A grade of "C" (2.0) or higher is required in all core courses except CJ250.

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