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Welding Engineering Technology - Associate in Applied Science

Do you enjoy the challenge and pride of working with your hands? Welding is an excellent career choice for people with creative and technical skills.

Welding is what makes bridges, skyscrapers and automobiles possible. Welding is, at its core, simply a way of bonding two pieces of metal. While there are other ways to join metal (riveting, brazing and soldering, for instance), welding has become the method of choice for its strength, efficiency and versatility.

As a welder, you will read prints, do proper fitting, weld, and inspect finished pieces. Excellent hand dexterity and hand-eye coordination are necessary to perform detailed work and maintain safety practices.

About the Program

Delta’s welding programs prepare students for successful entry and longevity in the welding field. You will learn:

  • Test taking skills applicable to welding employment
  • Knowledge of power sources and related welding equipment
  • Safety associated with the welding industry
  • Print reading and welding symbol training

1-year advanced certificate
This program includes courses in shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten welding, gas metal arc welding, and oxy-fuel welding/cutting. You will apply these major processes to out of position plate and pipe groove welds. A capstone course (WELD 220) applies destructive testing to out of position welds for your certification.

2-year associate degree
This program combines specialized welding training with related technical and general education courses. This program is recommended for those seeking advancement into managerial or supervisory positions. The associate degree program also meets the educational requirements necessary to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Welding Engineering Technology. Delta College has a transfer agreement for this program with Ferris State University.

Welder certification is available at Delta. Contact us and let us know your certification interests.

Careers and Job Outlook

Despite overall employment declines in manufacturing, the outlook for welders is expected to grow 15 percent from 2010 to 2020. Since the basic skills of welding are the same across industries, welders can easily shift from one industry to another depending on where they are needed most. For example, welders laid off in the auto industry have been able to find work in the booming oil and gas industry. Growth of the defense industry, including the manufacturing of aircrafts and missiles, is expected to contribute to employment growth.

State of Michigan yearly earnings: $37,180

Source: Michigan Department of Career Development, 2011 Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates of Michigan Occupational Information System

National average earnings: $35,480

Source: 2012 Occupational Employment Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics at

What are students saying?

"I've learned from the welding instructors that if you love what you do it ceases to be work. All of my instructors have been very passionate about welding, which for me makes the knowledge easier to learn." – Devan Lockhart

"One aspect of the welding program that I find exceptional is that Delta hires welders that want to be instructors, not instructors that try to teach welding. The real life experience and knowledge that our instructors bring to the classroom goes beyond the words written in a textbook and will help us when we graduate." – Theodore Jerome

"I've changed my major so many times – I couldn’t figure out what was right for me. But this summer I took a welding class and realized I was really good at it. Now I know I'm going to be a welder and I'm going to be really good at what I do." – Katy Wernecke

"As I leave Delta and enter my career I feel that the instructors have gone above and beyond in preparing me for success. I feel I have been given everything I need to be successful in the welding field." – Tyler L. Simon

Find Out More

Have questions or want more information? Contact:

Bruce Faccio
Program Coordinator

Welding Engineering Technology - Associate in Applied Science

Program Code: AAS.60897

The program combines specialized welding training with related technical and general education courses. This Associate degree program meets the educational requirements necessary to pursue a baccalaureate degree in a variety of welding related careers. Students should contact Counseling or the Welding Staff for career or transfer information.

General Education Courses

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
COM 112W3Fundamentals of Oral Communication ______________
ENG ---3Any Approved College Composition I Course ______________
ENG ---3Any Approved College Composition II Course ______________
LW ---1Any 1 Credit LW Course AND ______________
LWA ---1Any 1 Credit LWA Course ______________
OR ______________
LW 223W(2)Wellness in Technical Trades ______________
MTH ---4Any Approved Intermediate Algebra Course ______________
MTH 1213Plane Trigonometry ______________
PHY 1014Applied Physics ______________
POL ---3/4Any Approved American Government Requirement ______________

Technical Courses

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
CAD 1143Introduction to CAD ______________
WELD 1033Introduction to Plasma, Carbon Arc, and Fuel Gas Cutting ______________
SKMT 1113Metals ______________
WELD 114W8Intermediate Shielded Metal Arc Welding ______________
WELD 1202Beginning Industrial Blueprint Reading ______________
WELD 1222Blueprint Reading for Welders and Fabricators ______________
WELD 2204Weld Qualification-Plate ______________
WELD 224W8Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding ______________
WELD 226W8Gas Tungsten Arc Welding ______________
WELD 235W8Gas Metal Arc Welding ______________

74/75Total Credits


1 - For complete program description and details, please call Bruce Faccio at (989)686-9146 or James Proctor at (989) 686-9599.
2 - WELD 114 and WELD 235 are prerequisites for WELD 220.
3 - WELD 120 is a prerequisite for WELD 122.
4 - WELD 114 is a prerequisite for WELD 224.
5 - A Grade of “C” (2.0) or higher is required in all Technical Courses.
6 - Transfer students may be advised to complete PHY 111 or PHY 211 instead of PHY 101.

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