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Water Environment Technology - Advanced Certificate

Seventy-five percent of the earth is covered with water. Clearly, it's one of our most precious resources.

Pure, safe drinking water and clean, healthy rivers, lakes, and oceans don't just happen by themselves. It takes all kinds of people to find, build, maintain, and operate water and wastewater treatment systems. And these systems are everywhere -- wherever you find people.

About the Program

The Water Environment Technology program is designed to provide specialized training in the water and wastewater fields. Both theory and application are stressed in the program, tailored for both entry-level persons, as well as those already employed in the field.

Completion of the WET program will allow graduates the opportunity to take the entry level water and wastewater certification examinations administered by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

In the WET program, you will study the water treatment process for drinking water, wastewater treatment processes, water chemistry, and pollution prevention. Courses in utility management and maintenance complete the program. You will participate in two four-week practicums in actual industrial plants to obtain hands-on experience and qualify to take the entry-level certification tests.

Delta College Program Benefits

Faculty - WET core courses are taught by local engineers, superintendents, lab analysts, and managers with up-to-date experience

Night Classes - Many courses are offered in the evenings to allow students the flexibility of maintaining full or part-time employment

Lab Facilities - The WET program is much more than class room lectures, utilizing many hands-on laboratory exercises

Site Visits - Many field trips and site visits are taken to local facilities, observing first-hand the application of theory learned in the class room

Job Outlook

The Water Environment field offers many rewarding career opportunities. New regulatory requirements have led to more work and more jobs each year. WET graduates are ready for many types of careers.

  • Municipal water treatment and wastewater treatment
  • Private water supply and environmental services companies
  • Local, state and federal regulatory agencies
  • Chemical and other manufacturing companies
  • Equipment sales and service companies
  • Consulting engineering and environmental firms
  • Independent contractors

State of Michigan average yearly earnings = $40,220

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For more information, contact:

Ronald Sharp
WET program coordinator

Water Environment Technology - Advanced Certificate

Program Code: CTA.35827

The vast majority of water and wastewater treatment plant operators work for local governments. Some work for private water supply and sanitary services companies, many of which provide operation and management services to local governments on a contract basis.

Required Courses

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
CHM 105W5Technical Chemistry I ______________
OR ______________
CHM 111(5)General and Inorganic Chemistry I AND ______________
CHM 112(5)General and Inorganic Chemistry II ______________
CST 133W4Computer Concepts & Competencies ______________
MTH ---4Any Approved Intermediate Algebra Course ______________
WET 1103Water Treatment Technologies ______________
WET 1123Wastewater Treatment Technology ______________
WET 2103Advanced Wastewater Treatment Technologies ______________
WET 2123Advanced Water Treatment Technologies ______________
WET 2153Water Quality Analysis And Wet Instrumentation ______________
WET 2203Water Microbiology ______________
WET 2443Water/Wastewater Utility Equipment Maintenance ______________
WET 2654Practicum In Water/Wastewater Treatment ______________

Math Requirement Alternatives

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
ENV 100W3Environmental Regulations ______________
ENV 151W2.7HAZWOPER Training ______________
ENV 1531.3Confined Space Training ______________
GLG 1304Environmental Geology ______________
GLG 2302Introductory Field Methods in Hydrogeology ______________

38/43Total Credits


1 - This certificate may be met by either CHM 105 alone, or the sequence of CHM 111 and CHM 112.
2 - The MTH approved Intermediate Algebra Course requirement can also be met with an acceptable score on the current college assessment instrument. To meet minimum graduation requirements, credits may be replaced from the "Recommended Electives" course list above.
3 - A Grade of “C” (2.0) or higher is required in WET 110, WET 112, WET 210, WET 212, WET 220 and WET 244.

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