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Environmental Technology - Advanced Certificate

Program Code: CSA.35467

Successful completion of the program will prepare you for employment as a hazardous materials technician, safety technician, solid waste technician, recycling technician, or as a team member in environmental consulting firms. Skills and knowledge that you should possess as a result of completing the program include: understanding of the specific safety and environmental regulations related to work environment; familiarity with computers; basic understanding of chemical terminology; ability to read technical materials and translate what is read into action; ability to write comprehensible reports; ability to keep records; ability to make routine mathematical computations; understanding of how environmental regulations are formulated, and understanding of the interrelated nature of environmental problems.

Basic Program Requirements

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
BIO 110W4Environmental Science ______________
CHM 105W5Technical Chemistry I AND ______________
CHM 106W5Technical Chemistry II ______________
OR ______________
CHM 111(5)General and Inorganic Chemistry I AND ______________
CHM 112(5)General and Inorganic Chemistry II ______________
ENG ---3Any Approved College Composition I Course ______________
ENG 1133Technical Communication ______________
ENV 100W3Environmental Regulations ______________
ENV 130W1Pollution Prevention ______________
ENV 151W2.7HAZWOPER Training ______________
ENV 1521.6Emergency Response to Industrial Spills ______________
ENV 1531.3Confined Space Training ______________
ENV 1540.4Hazardous Materials Shipping and Handling ______________
PHY 1014Applied Physics ______________

34Total Credits


1 - ENV 151, ENV 152, ENV 153, and ENV 154 are presented as a series of training modules which can be taken together or separate, in any order. It is recommended however that they be taken in sequence. All components are those required and detailed through OSHA other State and Federal regulations.
2 - Electives: If you are considering transferring to a university, review the Associate in Science degree requirements in the catalog and see a counselor since requirements of various transfer schools differ.
3 - Note that students should enroll in CHM 111 and 112 (in place of CHM 105/106) if transferring.

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