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Communication - Presentational - Certificate of Achievement

Communication comes in manyforms, especially in this global age. Sharpen your skills andcomplement your degree with a Communication Certificate.

Studies confirm that organizations are looking for employees who canwork effectively by listening, speaking, and writing with other people. Bystudying communication, you have an opportunity to improve yourinteractions and relationships with others both professionally andpersonally. Communication skills and training can lead to careers ineverything from advertising, journalism, teaching, performance art, andmore.

Communication skills can help you:

  • develop a better understanding of yourself and perspective
  • improve speaking, listening and writing skills
  • handle conflict and challenges
  • be aware of nonverbal communication
  • work effectively within a group

About the Program

This certificate is a total of 12 credits or 4 courses. Remember ifyou have taken a communication course already, you may be on your way toearning this additional endorsement.

You have the opportunity todevelop your communication skills by tailoring your certificate,choosing either the Interpersonal or Presentational Skills option.

You'll have the opportunity use your communication skills outside of theclassroom by joining The Collegiate newspaper, acting in Delta DramaDepartment productions and more.

Students say...

"This Certificate is beneficial because it will go well with a socialwork degree. Every extra thing that I can achieve will be a benefitwhen making a resume." -- Alissa Jesse

"Employers are seeking individuals with adequate communication, aswell as writing skills. These are important assets to possess in orderto do well both inside and outside most companies and organizations." --Willie J. Burton Sr.

"Taking Communications courses has made me a better communicator andhelped me better understand the communication styles and practices ofothers." -- Jennifer Reuther

Job Outlook

The Communication field offers many rewarding career opportunities.In addition to careers in this field, employees in other fields withexcellent communication skills often find increased mobility. Thisdegree prepares you for entry-level positions, with experience andadditional education, advanced positions are available.

2010 median pay for communication jobs:

Advertising and public relations $55,290
Human Resources training specialist $51,450
K-12 or secondary school teacher $47,100 - $51,180
Reporters and correspondents $34,850
Actor $14.48 - $28.72 /hour

Source: 2010-11 Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics at


For more information, contact:

Lyn Lemerand
Communication program coordinator
Office: S-257

Communication - Presentational - Certificate of Achievement

Program Code: CSZ.35326

The Communication Certificate will offer students the opportunity to develop their communication skills. The certificate offers two tracks; one that focuses on more interpersonal communication skills and one that emphasizes presentational and organizational skills. This certificate is an opportunity for professional development in key workplace communication skills for students of any age and level of experience.

Required Courses

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
COM 112W3Fundamentals of Oral Communication ______________
COM 202W3Oral Communication for Managers ______________
COM 236W3Advanced Oral Communication ______________
COM--3Any Approved COM Elective ______________

12Total Credits


1 - A grade of "C" or higher is required in all courses for the certificate.
2 - Elective course can be any three credit COM course, with the exception of COM-216, Theater History.

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