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Chemical Technology - Pre-Medical Laboratory Science - Advanced Certificate

Program Code: CHA.35464

Medical laboratory scientists work in clinical settings to perform a variety of routine and specialized laboratory tests. Health care providers use these test results as part of their diagnostic and therapeutic plans. This Advanced Certificate is designed to expand student opportunities in laboratory science; expanding their repertoire of skills and techniques, for transfer and enrollment into a professional program in medical laboratory sciences at regional 4-year institutions.

Certificate Requirements

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
BIO 1714Integrated General Biology I ______________
BIO 203W4General Microbiology ______________
BIO 2404Human Anatomy AND ______________
BIO 2414Physiology ______________
OR ______________
BIO 152W(4)Human Anatomy & Physiology I AND ______________
BIO 153W(4)Human Anatomy & Physiology II ______________
CHM 1115General and Inorganic Chemistry I ______________
CHM 1125General and Inorganic Chemistry II ______________
CHM 2104Organic Chemistry I ______________
PHY 1114General Physics I ______________
OR ______________
PHY 211(5)Physics I ______________

34/35Total Credits


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