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Chemical Technology - Pre-Medical Laboratory Science - Advanced Certificate

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About the Program

The Chemical Technology (CT) program is a laboratory-based program that will prepare students for a career in chemical technology by developing the skills and knowledge necessary for a variety of technician jobs in different industries.

Students will learn important hands-on skills and as chemical technicians will develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills that can be used to solve problems encountered by chemical technicians in -industry. Important qualifications for the chemical technician include a solid background in chemistry and math, the ability to use and troubleshoot a variety of instrumentation and standard equipment and know standard laboratory and safety procedures. Oral and written communication skills and use of computers are also important.

Chemical technicians are vital members of the laboratory team and have the opportunity to contribute to new technological advances. Research and development, production, and testing laboratories all use instrumentation and equipment; students will have a basic understanding of each type of instrument and know how to use it. Technicians will work independently to perform tests and experiments and to analyze, interpret, and report results. Chemical technicians use their skills and instrumentation to perform duties such as chemical testing, environmental monitoring, research and development, and quality control.

Depending on your goals and employer qualification preferences, students may earn an Associate of Applied Science or an Advanced Certificate.

Delta College Program Benefits

  • Students in this program will have the opportunity to participate in cooperative work experiences at area industries. Students who choose this option will further gain the hands-on training that employers will be looking for in full-time employees.
  • The Chemical Technology program at Delta College has been approved by the American Chemical Society.
  • An Advisory Board oversees the program to ensure the program remains up-to-date with the skills industries need in their chemical technicians.

Job Outlook

Graduates of this program can expect job possibilities in a wide variety of settings.

  • Testing
  • Quality control
  • Research and development in corporate settings
  • Chemical and other manufacturing companies
  • Consulting firms
  • Independent contractors

State of Michigan average yearly earnings = $40,660


David Baker
Associate Professor

Chemical Technology - Pre-Medical Laboratory Science - Advanced Certificate

Program Code: CHA.35465

Medical laboratory scientists work in clinical settings to perform a variety of routine and specialized laboratory tests. Health care providers use these test results as part of their diagnostic and therapeutic plans. This Advanced Certificate is designed to expand student opportunities in laboratory science; expanding their repertoire of skills and techniques, for transfer and enrollment into a professional program in medical laboratory sciences at regional 4-year institutions.

Certificate Requirements

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
BIO 1714Integrated General Biology I ______________
BIO 203W4General Microbiology ______________
BIO 2404Human Anatomy AND ______________
BIO 2414Physiology ______________
OR ______________
BIO 152W(4)Human Anatomy & Physiology I AND ______________
BIO 153W(4)Human Anatomy & Physiology II ______________
CHM 1115General and Inorganic Chemistry I ______________
CHM 1125General and Inorganic Chemistry II ______________
CHM 2104Organic Chemistry I ______________
PHY 1114General Physics I ______________
OR ______________
PHY 211(5)Physics I ______________

34/35Total Credits


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