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Automotive Service Educational Program (GM ASEP) - Associate in Applied Science


Automotive Service Educational Program (GM ASEP) - Associate in Applied Science

Program Code: AAS.60842

The GM Automotive Service Educational Program (ASEP) is an associate degree automotive program designed to upgrade your technical competence and professional level to an incoming dealership technician. At Delta College, the program requires 111 weeks of training to complete. Approximately 60 of those weeks are spent on the Delta College campus. The remainder of the time spent in this two-year period is in a General Motors dealership or an ACDelco Professional Service Center (PSC) repair facility. Each specialized subject is dealt with in the classroom and laboratory on campus and is immediately followed by related work experience in the dealership/PSC. This rotation system continues until the program is completed. This is a suggested enrollment sequence for full time students. It is suggested that part time students see an advisor for scheduling assistance. NOTE: There is a special application for this program and each student is required to be sponsored by a General Motors dealership or an ACDelco repair facility. For more information, please contact ASEP Coordinator: (989) 686-9351

Level 1 - MLR (Maintenance and Light Repair)

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
ASEP 1013Engine Repair Level 1 ______________
ASEP 1023Automatic Transmission Level 1 ______________
ASEP 1032Manual Drive Trains and Axles Level 1 ______________
ASEP 1043Suspension and Steering Level 1 ______________
ASEP 1052Brakes Level 1 ______________
ASEP 1064Electrical/Electronic Systems Level 1 ______________
ASEP 1072Heating and Air Conditioning Level 1 ______________
ASEP 1083Engine Performance Level 1 ______________
ASEP 1491MLR Capstone ______________
ASEP 1501Dealership Work Experience 1 ______________

Level 2 - AST (Automotive Service Technology)

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
ASEP 1601Dealership Work Experience 2 ______________
ASEP 1511Engine Repair Level 2 ______________
ASEP 1521Automatic Transmission Level 2 ______________
ASEP 1531Manual Drive Trains and Axles Level 2 ______________
ASEP 1542Suspension and Steering Level 2 ______________
ASEP 1551Brakes Level 2 ______________
ASEP 1562Electrical-Electronic Systems Level 2 ______________
ASEP 1571Heating and Air Conditioning Level 2 ______________
ASEP 1582Engine Performance Level 2 ______________

Level 3 - MAST (Master Automotive Service Technology)

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
ASEP 1701Dealership Work Experience 3 ______________
ASEP 1801Dealership Work Experience 4 ______________
ASEP 201W1Engine Repair Level 3 ______________
ASEP 202W3Automatic Transmission Level 3 ______________
ASEP 2031Manual Drive Trains and Axles Level 3 ______________
ASEP 2041Suspension and Steering Level 3 ______________
ASEP 2051Brakes Level 3 ______________
ASEP 2061Electrical-Electronic Systems Level 3 ______________
ASEP 2071Heating and Air Conditioning Level 3 ______________
ASEP 208W2Engine Performance Level 3 ______________
ASEP 2192Basic Service Advising ______________
ASEP 2292Advanced Service Advising ______________
ASEP 2491ASEP Capstone ______________

General Education Courses

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
ENG ---3Any Approved College Composition I Course ______________
ENG 1133Technical Communication ______________
MIT 1182Safety Practices and Procedures ______________
MGT 1103Business Mathematics ______________
LW 223W2Wellness in Technical Trades ______________
POL ---3/4Any Approved American Government Requirement ______________

70/71Total Credits Required For Associate Degree


1 - Since half of the program is spent at the dealership/PSC, you are required to have a sponsoring General Motors dealer or an ACDelco PSC Center. The main responsibility of the dealership/PSC is to provide employment during all of the work experience periods.
2 - All tuition, fees, housing (if needed), textbook costs, and tools are your responsibility.
3 - For more information call ASEP Coordinator (989) 686-9351, Fax (989) 667-2207.

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