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Digital Film Production - Advanced Certificate

Film is an exciting medium for both artistic expression and sharing information. And within the last decade, digital video recorders and computer editing software have made film production much more accessible and affordable to would-be filmmakers.

Beyond independent film making, those with skills in script writing, shooting, and editing are also valued in the private sector. Companies are realizing that video-based information, tutorials, and marketing can enhance the user experience on their websites and social media content.

About the Program

The Advanced Certificate in Digital Film Production is largely designed for those who would like to be independent filmmakers. It's also suited for those who intend to continue course work in film after their time at Delta College. Courses in the certificate will prepare you for work in video advertising, videography, and the production of training films.

The certificate combines courses in both English and the Humanities, so you are exposed to many aspects of film making. Course work will include the study of existing films, including film history and aesthetics. You will also study fiction and screenwriting in an effort to understand how to tell a good story, especially how that story telling relates to film. You will  have access to digital cameras and top-of-the-line editing computer labs for hands-on experience with digital shooting, editing, and overall production. The capstone course in the certificate places you into teams, and the teams have the task of making a short film.

Beyond the course work, pursuing the certificate has some additional benefits. You will find yourself surrounded by others who are genuinely interested in film and film making. If film making is anything, it is a collaborative art form. It's difficult to make films without a network of talented and passionate people to rely on. This program is a great way for students to grow their networks.

What are students saying?

"Creativity is entirely supported in these video classes. I’ve had no second thoughts about expressing myself genuinely. All in all, a unique opportunity for a community college."
–  J.T. Ketterer

"I had the opportunity to write the first twenty pages of a full-length film script and have my pages reviewed by a group of people that cared about helping each other. The professors are passionate about what they teach, easy to understand, and approachable."
– Bailey Phillips

"All of the courses fit together well. I learn how to write movies in Screenwriting, then I learn how to shoot video in the Media classes. In Media classes I learned how to shoot and edit video professionally and also got the opportunity to use film and sound equipment I wouldn’t have otherwise."
– Justin Boshans

"I've taken more film classes than necessary for the certificate, just because I enjoyed them so much! Every professor I had was very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and went above and beyond to make sure students got what they needed."
– Mark Roebuck

Careers and Job Outlook

Earnings of workers in the motion picture and video industries vary, depending on education and experience, type of work, union affiliation, and duration of employment. Salaries for directors vary widely. Producers seldom have a set salary, because they get a percentage of a show's earnings or ticket sales.

National median pay for film production jobs:

Film and video editor $22 / hour

Multimedia artist and animator $28 / hour
Producer and director $33 / hour

Source: 2012-13 Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics at

Find Out More

Have questions or want more information? Contact:

Jeff Vande Zande
Digital Film Production program coordinator

Digital Film Production - Advanced Certificate

Program Code: CEA.35330

When you complete this certificate, you will have been introduced to many aspects of film production: film aesthetics, screenwriting, filming, and editing. The certificate can also prepare you for further film studies and might help you find work in the film industry. In addition, courses in the certificate also provide a foundation for work in video advertising, videography, and the production of training films.

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
EM 2803Digital Film Capstone ______________
EMB 1513Media Production I ______________
EM 1803Digital Cinematography for Film ______________
EMB 1554Media Production II ______________
ENG ---3Any Approved College Composition I Course AND ______________
ENG ---3Any Approved College Composition II Course ______________
OR ______________
OAT 151(3)Business Communication I AND ______________
OAT 152(3)Business Communication II ______________
ENG 226W3Introduction to Film OR ______________
IHU 226W(3)Introduction to Film ______________
ENG 2543Creative Writing: Fiction ______________
ENG 258W2Introduction to Screenwriting ______________

One of the following courses is also required:

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
EMB 175W3Genres in Film History ______________
ENG 227W3The American Motion Picture ______________
ENG 259W3Advanced Screenwriting ______________
PHL 225W3Philosophy and Film ______________

30Total Required For Advanced Certificate


1 - For students planning on transfering to a 4-year institution ENG 111 and ENG 112 are recommended.

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