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Academic Career Experience - Certificate of Achievement

Program Code: CBZ.35100

Academic Career Experience (ACE), commonly known as "Cooperative (Co-op) Education," is an excellent example of a working partnership between employers and an educational institution. This integration of practical experience and academics results in a win-win situation for the student, the employer, and the College. Delta has long recognized the value of practical work experience to strengthen college programs and enhance student education.

Co-op is an academic program providing current Delta students the opportunity to gain valuable, real-life work experience related to their academic or career goals. The ACE Office will help students arrange part-time work schedules to accommodate their full- or part-time class schedules. Participating in co-op requires a one-year commitment from both the employer and the student. Students are required to work a minimum of 180 hours per semester (about 12 hours a week).

Participating in co-op benefits students in numerous ways:

* Allows students to earn college credit while getting paid

* Helps students gain hands-on work experience relevant to career goals

* Establishes valuable professional contacts, which broadens job opportunities after graduation

* Assists students in gaining professional work experience to build resume

* Allows students to participate in ACE courses, which provide ongoing professional development

* Provides a safe worksite free from discrimination and harassment

* Encourages mentoring on a daily basis from professionals in the workplace

* Offers varying work assignments and increasing complexity of work activities

Required Courses

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
ACE 101W2Career Professional Development I ______________
AND ______________
ACE 102W2Career Professional Development II ______________
AND ______________
ACE 201W2Career Work Experience - Business & Human Services OR ______________
ACE 202W(2)Career Work Experience - Communications & Sciences OR ______________
ACE 203W(2)Career Work Experience - Health OR ______________
ACE 204W(2)Career Work Experience - Technical & Industrial OR ______________
6Total For Certificate Of Achievement

6Minimum Total Credits Required For Certificate Of Achievement


1 - All classes must be completed with a grade of "B" (3.0) or better.
2 - All classes are key courses and must be completed within 5 years of completing certificate. Failure to complete within the stated time frame will require you to repeat this course. See graduation requirements page in catalog.
3 - To qualify for the program, all applicants must:
  • Have a minimum of one year of studies remaining at Delta College before graduating or transferring.
  • Be willing to make a minimum one-year commitment to an Academic Career Experience work assignment.
  • Be a currently enrolled student at Delta College.
  • Complete the online application process through the Academic Career Experience & Service Learning website,
  • Enroll in and successfully complete the required ACE courses once hired into an approved Academic Career Experience worksite.
4 - Credit can be earned in ACE 201W, ACE 202W, ACE 203W or ACE 204W but not more than two courses (4 credits).

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