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Computer Science and Information Technology - Programming - Associate in Applied Science

Are you analytical, yet creative, with the ability to convey technical concepts to those who are computer savvy, as well as those who aren’t? If so, you might excel as a Computer Programmer. 

The type of work typically done by computer programmers involves developing the code for step-by-step instructions, which tell a computer how to perform a specific task or set of tasks.

In some cases, programmers design original solutions to problems, creating new applications. Other times, they might seek deficiencies in existing programs, developing solutions by updating, modifying and repairing existing software.

Programmers work in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, engineering, government, hospitals and educational institutions.

About the program

After successfully completing the program, students will be qualified to seek an entry-level position as a Programmer, Programmer Analyst, Application Developer, Software Engineer or other related professions in mobile, Web, game or systems development.

Many Delta students transfer to a four-year university and Delta has several university partnerships in place.

Job outlook

Most Computer Programmers work alone but sometimes work with others on large projects. Because writing code can be done anywhere, many programmers telecommute.

For students who transfer and obtain a bachelor’s degree, the average median salary is $77,550.

Demand for Computer Programmers is expected to decline eight percent from 2014-2014. However, many computer programmers work in the computer system design and related services industry, which is expected to grow as a result of increasing demand for new computer software.

The software publishers industry is also expected to grow as the use of software offered over the Internet increases. This new use of software over the Internet should lower costs for firms and allow users more customization.

In addition, new applications will have to be developed for mobile technology and the healthcare industry.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

What students are saying

“The CST program gave me the knowledge that I needed to turn my hobby into a career. The course content taught me the basic concepts needed and the instructors were always willing to go above and beyond to share their experience in the subject.” -- Dan Delano

Find out more

Have questions or want more information? Contact:

Donald Southwell
Associate Professor
Office: A071


Nicole Ryan
Office: A066

Computer Science and Information Technology - Programming - Associate in Applied Science

Program Code: AAS.17137

A Programming degree prepares you for designing and building computer software using a variety of programming languages.

General Education Courses

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
COM 112W3Fundamentals of Oral Communication OR ______________
COM 114W(3)Interpersonal Communication ______________
OAT 1513Business Communication I AND ______________
ENG 1113College Composition I AND ______________
ENG 1123College Composition II ______________
OR ______________
OAT 151(3)Business Communication I AND ______________
ENG 111(3)College Composition I AND ______________
ENG 113(3)Technical Communication ______________
OR ______________
OAT 151(3)Business Communication I AND ______________
OAT 152(3)Business Communication II ______________
LW ---1Any 1 Credit LW Course AND ______________
LWA ---1Any 1 Credit LWA Course ______________
OR ______________
LW ---(2)Any 2 Credit LW Course ______________
MTH---3/4Any Approved Intermediate Algebra Course or Higher ______________
PHL 210W2Information Technology Ethics & Law ______________
POL ---3/4Any Approved American Government Requirement ______________

Required Core Courses

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
CST 1101Web Content Development ______________
CST 1262Unix/Linux Operating System ______________
CST 133W4Computer Concepts & Competencies ______________
CST 1553Microsoft EXCEL ______________
CST 1712Visual BASIC Programming I ______________
CST 1732Introduction to Programming ______________
CST 1803C++ Programming ______________
CST 1834Principles of Computer Programming I ______________
CST 1843Mobile Apps Programming - iOS OR ______________
CST 185(3)Android Application Development ______________
CST 1862Introduction to Game Programming ______________
CST 2353Systems Analysis and Design ______________
CST 2573Database MS Access ______________
CST 2581Introduction to Structured Query Language ______________
CST 2713Visual Basic Programming II ______________
CST 2732MS Applications Using Visual BASIC ______________
CST 2834Principles of Computer Programming II ______________
CST ---1-3Any Computer Science & Information Technology Course ______________

62/69Total Credits Required For Associate Degree


1 - Proficiency in keyboarding is expected in all CST classes. OAT 170 is available for those students who need to build keyboarding skills.
2 - The above curricula are intended to prepare you for a career upon graduation from Delta College. If you are planning to transfer to a Baccalaureate degree program you should consult with a counselor before enrolling in computer, business, or general education courses so that specific transfer college requirements can be completed.
3 - MTH 119 or any higher level Math course (with the exception of MTH 153) will meet the MTH--- course requirement.
4 - A grade of "C" (2.0) or higher is required in the MTH course, and all CST courses, to earn the degree.
5 - CST 133, CST 155, CST 180, CST 183, CST 185, CST 271, CST 273, and CST 283, are Key Courses. Key courses must be completed within 5 years of completing degree. Failure to complete within the stated time frame will reqire you to repeat this course.

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