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Liberal Arts - Advanced Certificate

Program Code: CSA.35390

The Liberal Arts Certificate program is intended for students who are planning on completing an Associate in Arts or Science Degree at Delta College. It is also intended for those planning on transferring to a four-year college or university after completing one year of course work at Delta. Completion of this certificate program will satisfy the MACRAO requirements (a transfer agreement in the State of Michigan that assists students with the transferability of general education requirements-see Transfer Programs and Procedures, MACRAO Articulation Agreements in this section. Required courses in the Liberal Arts Certificate are flexible and may be customized to meet the needs of the student based upon the transfer institution requirements. Most transfer institutions will accept at least 60 credit hours from Delta; therefore students are encouraged to take additional courses beyond the Liberal Arts Certificate requirements. Students seeking the Liberal Arts Certificate must work closely with the transfer school of choice as well as a Delta College Advisor/Counselor to help ensure the appropriate courses are taken at Delta.

Required Courses

CourseCreditsCourse TitleCompleted
ENG ---3Any Approved College Composition I Course ______________
ENG ---3Any Approved College Composition II Course ______________
--- ---8Humanities Group Requirement (see below) ______________
--- ---8Social Science Group Requirement (see below) ______________
--- ---8Natural Science Group Requirement (see below) ______________

Humanities Requirement (in at least two different subject areas) – must select classes from: ARC 251 only; ART(except ART 113, 219, 283, 289); ASL; EMB 140 & 175 only; COM; ENG 253, 254, 256 only; FR; GE; HIS 111 and 112 only; IHU; LIT; MUS (except MUS 138); PHL; RUS; SPA; SSI 110, 232, 234 only. Social Science Requirement (in at least two different subject areas) – must select classes from: BIO 230 only; ECN; HIS; GEO (except GEO 103, 111, 261, 267); POL; PSY; SOC (except SOC 157, 158, 159, 162); SSI. Science and Math Requirement (in at least two subject areas; must include at least one lab science of 15 contact hours) – must select classes from AST; BIO; CHM; CST 180, 181, 183, 280, 281, 282 only; ENV 310, 320 only; GEO 103, 111, 261, 267 only; GLG; MTH 115 and above (except MTH 117); PHY; PSC; SOC 230 only; SCI 250 only, TTI 110.

30Total Credits Required For Certificate Of Achievement


1 - Courses below 100 cannot be included in any of the group requirements.
2 - Courses listed in more than one Group may not be counted in both groups. For example: HIS 111 and 112 may be included in the Humanities Group or Social Science Group but may not be counted in both.
3 - This program is intended for students wishing to complete course work at Delta before transferring to another college/university. Since transfer requirements vary by institution, students are strongly encouraged to meet with representatives from the transfer school. In addition, students should work closely with a Delta Advisor/Counselor in the Academic Advising Center.
4 - Earn a minimum of two thirds (2/3) or 20 credits at Delta College.
5 - You cannot apply more than twelve (12) credits of “P” grades.

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