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Readings in Drama

Course NumberENG 223W
Lab Hours0
Lecture Hours45
Course DescriptionPrerequisite: READING LEVEL 3 and any approved College Composition I course with a minimum grade of C. Studies historical and popular American, British, and other plays. Examines the effects of drama on both American, British and other cultures. Credit may be earned in ENG 223W or LIT 223W but not both. (45-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

Relate the history of drama and current trends in the dramatic arts.
  1. Identify elements of drama.
  2. Identify the social context of drama.
  3. Analyze themes of representative plays.

Identify requirements of producing and performing for stage, film and television.
  1. Evaluate the influence of drama on media.
  2. Draw parallels between characters in plays and students' personal lives.
  3. Draw parallels between conflicts in plays and students' personal lives.

Develop critical perspective on dramatic productions and performances.
  1. Analyze drama productions and performances
  2. Discuss the value of plays.

Participate in "writing to learn" activities.
  1. Perform writing tasks to promote learning.
  2. Write effectively for a specific audience and purpose.
  3. Demonstrate the learning of concepts through writing.

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