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Introductory Theory and Methods of Reading Across Disciplines

Course NumberEDU 395W
Lab Hours0
Lecture Hours15
Course DescriptionPrerequisite: Open to all full-time and part-time faculty or by permission of instructor. Introduces theory and practice of reading across disciplines including theories of reading development and strategies improving reading. Student may earn credit in only one of the following: ED 395, ED 395R, EDU 395 or EDU 395R. (15-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

Articulate theories of reading development and design applications for fostering and assessing reading in a specific discipline or class.
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of theories of reading development, including motivation and metacognition for the adult learner
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of diverse instructional approaches, ranging from direct teaching and practice of study skills through holistic approaches to reading
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of factors affecting text selection and assignment design
  4. Present to peers in the class a set of strategies for the integration ofreading into current teaching.

Participate in "writing to learn" activities.
  1. Perform writing tasks to promote learning.
  2. Write effectively for a specific audience and purpose.
  3. Demonstrate the learning of concepts through writing.

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