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Theory and Pedagogy of Learning Communities

Course NumberEDU 394W
Lab Hours0
Lecture Hours30
Course DescriptionPrerequisite: Open to all full and part-time faculty and staff. Examines (in classroom seminars and by on-line listserv) learning communities theories and models, including concepts of interdisciplinary and community. Includes participation in on-line listserv interactive journaling about course readings and a capstone project to prepare a syllabus, one or two possible assignments, and at least one means of assessment for a proposed learning community. Designed for faculty, future teachers, and administrators. Credit may be earned in ED 394 or EDU 394 but not both. (30-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

Compare, contrast, and evaluate various definitions, models, and conceptual frameworks of learning communities
  1. Discuss and evaluate assigned readings.
  2. Respond interactively on-line and in class seminars to readings and to each other.

Design a learning community
  1. Select a marketable course combination.
  2. Consult with counselors about this course combination.
  3. Develop a syllabus, preferably with other involved faculty.
  4. Prepare assignments that integrate disciplines.
  5. Design means of assessment.
  6. Accept and give feedback on proposed learning communities both in person with their classroom peers or on a listserv.

Participate in "writing to learn" activities.
  1. Perform writing tasks to promote learning.
  2. Write effectively for a specific audience and purpose.
  3. Demonstrate the learning of concepts through writing.

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