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Writing Center Practicum

Course NumberENG 260W
Lab Hours12
Lecture Hours3
Course DescriptionPrerequisite: A "C" grade or better in a college level composition I course or permission of instructor. Presents the theory and principles behind being a peer writing tutor. Requires application of knowledge through tutoring actual students in the Writing Center. (3-12)

Outcomes and Objectives

Learn by reading books and/or articles about the theories and principles behind the tutoring of writing.
  1. Demonstrate ability to understand and discuss key concepts in the reading.

Tutor actual students effectively and ethically.
  1. Tutor students to help them improve their writing.
  2. Demonstrate an ability to help students without doing the work for them.
  3. Exhibit an understanding, while tutoring, of the unique ethics involved in such a setting.

Learn by reflecting on tutoring experiences.
  1. Demonstrate an ability to critique the quality of a tutoring session through one-on-one conferences with instructor, class-wide discussion, and written self-reflection.

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