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Fundamentals of Oral Communication

Course NumberCOM 112W
Lab Hours0
Lecture Hours45
Course DescriptionPrerequisites: READING LEVEL 2 and WRITING LEVEL 2. Offers skill development in the fundamental processes of public speaking. Practices the basic principles, components, and skills for the development and delivery of presentations in specific communication situations. (45-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

Demonstrate an understanding of the communication process.
  1. Distinguish the elements in the communication process.
  2. Describe diversity and the need to adapt to diverse communication styles.
  3. Distinguish the differences between various speech presentations. 1. Informative 2. Persuasive 3. Manuscript 4. Impromptu 5. Extemporaneous
  4. Differentiate the lines of communication. 1. Intrapersonal 2. Interpersonal 3. Group 4. Public 5. Mass communication

Apply research principles to informative and persuasive speeches.
  1. Assess knowledge of the topic and the suitability of the topic for the speaking occasion.
  2. Analyze audience demographics, interests, attitudes, and knowledge of topic.
  3. Develop research strategy.
  4. Access research information from a variety of credible sources.
  5. Evaluate research information.
  6. Organize information.

Demonstrate outlining techniques in speeches, including informative and persuasive research speeches.
  1. Arrange the outline using appropriate format.
  2. Organize the introduction.
  3. Organize the body.
  4. Cite research sources within the outline.
  5. Organize the conclusion.
  6. Arrange the bibliography using appropriate format.
  7. Demonstrate outlining in multiple speeches, including informative and persuasive research speeches.

Employ presentation delivery techniques in multiple speeches, including informative and persuasive.
  1. Demonstrate use of language.
  2. Demonstrate use of verbal source citations.
  3. Demonstrate use of voice.
  4. Demonstrate use of eye contact.
  5. Demonstrate facial expressions and gestures.
  6. Demonstrate use of posture.
  7. Demonstrate use of visual aids to illustrate and reinforce message.
  8. Demonstrate delivery techniques in multiple speeches, including informative and persuasive speeches.

Demonstrate an understanding of the listening process.
  1. Describe the listening process.
  2. Examine listening obstacles from both speaker and listener perspective.
  3. Employ listening skills and speaker strategies to promote listening.
  4. Demonstrate ability to listen to and respond to audience feedback.

Use writing to promote learning of all of the above Outcomes and Objectives.

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