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Exploring Diversity

Course NumberIHU 280W
Lab Hours0
Lecture Hours30
Course DescriptionPrerequisites: LEVEL 2 Reading and LEVEL 2 Writing. Provides a foundation in knowledge and application of issues and principles surrounding diversity. Provides an opportunity to explore, reflect and practice an interdisciplinary approach to the study of diversity. Credit may be earned in only one of the following: SSI 288, SSI 289, ED 388, ED 389, IHU 280 or IHU 281. (30-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

Expand the definition of diversity beyond traditional views.
  1. Collectively define diversity and identify different parameters of human variation.
  2. Identify discrimination through self-reflection.
  3. Compare Delta's diversity index with local and national demographics.

Explore the value of human diversity using an interdisciplinary approach.
  1. Appreciate the value of an enriched collection of voices.
  2. Identify losses due to intolerance.
  3. Describe how diversity impacts the classroom, community, or workplace.
  4. Develop a scale of diversity acceptance.

Model the process of valuing human diversity by practicing techniques that foster a safe and inclusive environment.
  1. Recognize skills and methods that can be used to foster an atmosphere that values all members.
  2. Practice self-reflection and sensitivity to a wide variety of scenarios related to diversity.
  3. React to a wide variety of activities that promote diversity awareness and challenge intolerance and discrimination.
  4. Utilize both an affective and cognitive approach to addressing diversity issues.

Collect, explore and use resources for infusing diversity into the classroom, community, or workplace.
  1. Create a useful list of Delta resources related to diversity.
  2. Explore online resources related to diversity.
  3. Share a favorite activity or resource related to increasing awareness and respect for human diversity.

Brainstorm ideas for incorporating diversity awareness and appreciation for human variation into pre-existing course content.
  1. Examine an interdisciplinary approach to infusing diversity topics into the classroom, community, or workplace.
  2. Discuss and debate activites that foster critical thinking and citizenship related to global awareness.
  3. Compare and contrast best practices for fostering and promoting diversity awareness and tolerance.

Participate in at least one storytelling session involving the community, faculty and staff.
  1. Attend and practice compassionate listening to a variety of individuals representing various aspects of human variation and individuality.
  2. Participate in the dialogue.
  3. Write a reflective essay on the shared values discussed.

Perform writing tasks to promote learning of concepts.
  1. Document attainment of skills learned.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the subject.

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