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Office Internship

Course NumberOAT 166W
Lab Hours180
Lecture Hours15
Course Description(Prerequisite: Minimum 25 credits completed in Administrative Assistant program. Student must apply for placement in OAT 166 in semester previous to anticipated placement.) Integrates and reinforces the student's academic studies with related work of at least 180 hours at a designated work site. Seminars will be held on campus as a forum of discussion for career enhancement. (15-180)

Outcomes and Objectives

Demonstrate adaptability in varying environments.
  1. Adapt to different types/levels of people, tasks, and responsibilities
  2. Transition effectively from classroom to office environment

Maintain control over actions to monitor or regulate processes, tasks, or activities.
  1. Establish follow-up procedures for delegated assignments
  2. Complete all assignments efficiently and correctly

Integrate classroom learning into the work environment.
  1. Demonstrate desirable work ethics
  2. Demonstrate appropriate telephone skills
  3. Use appropriate learned procedures to accomplish work assignments

Perform writing tasks to promote learning
  1. Keep journal entries of daily routines and procedures done on the job
  2. Write a two-page report on meeting with supervisor after "Abilities Ranking" was done by supervisor/student

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