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Applied Psychology

Course NumberPSY 101W
Lab Hours0
Lecture Hours45
Course DescriptionPrerequisites: LEVEL 2 READING or LEVEL 2 WRITING. Introduces basic principles of human relations that may be used in business and industry. Emphasizes understanding motivation and behavior in practical situations; helps in developing an appreciation of our own behavior so that students may work more successfully with supervisors and with peers. (45-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

Compare and contrast several perspectives of adjustment.
  1. Examine several theories of adjustment such as Freud, Erikson, Rogers and/or Cognitive-behavioral.
  2. Examine theories of adult development such as Erikson and Levinson.
  3. Apply these perspectives to both personal and work situations.

Analyze the influences of social interaction on behavior of the individual.
  1. Describe and discuss the elements of persuasion.
  2. Describe and discuss the principles of conformity
  3. Describe and discuss the principles of group process.
  4. Practice application of the principles of social interaction on personal and work situations.

Evaluate the impact of stress on health.
  1. Identify the sources of stress.
  2. Describe the physical effects of stress
  3. Examine ways to prevent the physical effects of stress in personal and work situations.

Appraise commonly occurring psychological disorders and the possible impact on personal and work situations.
  1. Describe and categorize common types of psychological disorders.
  2. Compare several methods of treatments.

Examine interpersonal attraction and intimate relationships.
  1. Discuss the common factors in attraction
  2. Discuss the various types of love
  3. Examine the development of intimate relationships
  4. Apply these principles to marriage and alternate life styles

Examine the challenges of the work place.
  1. Explore vocational development
  2. Apply principles of adjustment to the work place.
  3. Examine and apply the principles of motivation to the work place.

Perform writing tasks to promote learning of concepts.
  1. Document attainment of skills learned.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the subject.

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