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e-Commerce Concepts

Course NumberCST 115W
Lab Hours0
Lecture Hours45
Course DescriptionProvides an explanation of traditional commerce and e-commerce, which is doing business over the web. Describes an overview of the economic structures in which businesses operate and describe how electronic commerce fits into those structures. Includes a review of different Web-based tools, the software necessary, security concerns and strategies for Marketing, Sales and Promotion on the Web. (45-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the difference between traditional commerce, e-commerce and e-business
  1. Define the basic terminology of the above concepts
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the Internet and World Wide Web
  3. Describe the economic forces in e-commerce

Demonstrate knowledge of the Web-based tools available for e-Commerce
  1. Be able to evaluate Web Servers and their role in your e-Commerce decision
  2. Be able to manage your site and demonstrate an understanding of the software available for this
  3. Demonstrate portals, search engines, push technologies and intelligent agents

Demonstrate an understanding of the different e-Commerce software available
  1. List and explain the software available to provide a catalog display, shopping cart capabilities , transaction processing and the tools to populate the store catalog and facilitate storefront displays
  2. Explain the advantages of a Web Host over Self-Hosting

Demonstrate an understanding of the security threats of e-commerce
  1. Explain and be able to withstand threats of security
  2. Explain and be able to withstand integrity threats
  3. Explain and be able to withstand Web Server threat
  4. Describe how to deal with Cookies and how to use Anti virus software

Demonstrate an understanding of how to set up an effective electronic payment system
  1. Explain the different methods to collect payments
  2. Demonstrate how credit and debit cards are processed
  3. Explain the role of smart cards in e-Commerce

Demonstrate an understanding of the various strategies for Marketing, Sales and Promotion
  1. Learn how to establish an effective business presence on the Web
  2. Describe promotional techniques
  3. Describe how to identify and reach customers
  4. Explain the different business models for selling on the Web

Demonstrate an understanding of the different strategies for Web Auctions, Virtual Communities and Web Portals
  1. Explain the characteristics of the major auction types
  2. Describe the strategies for Web auction sites
  3. Describe how businesses can use virtual communities to increase awareness and sales
  4. Explain the strategies for Web portal sites

Demonstrate an understanding of the various Business Plans for implementing e-Commerce
  1. Explain how to set objectives for the benefits and costs of e-Commerce plans
  2. Decide which elements to outsource
  3. Select Web hosting services
  4. Describe staffing e-Commerce activities

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