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College Composition I

Course NumberENG 111
Lab Hours0
Lecture Hours45
Course DescriptionPrerequisite: READING LEVEL 4 and WRITING LEVEL 4. Develops fluent, effective, and confident writers. Practices the process of composing; generating ideas; shaping and evaluating writing. Uses reading and language awareness to further the development of writing. Credit may be earned in only one of: ENG 111, ENG 111A, ENG 111B, ENG 111C or ENG 111H. (45-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

Write effectively for appropriate rhetorical situations.
  1. Use the writing process: pre-write, write, and revise.
  2. Write with clarity.
  3. Select, organize, and present details to support a main idea.
  4. Use generalizations and details effectively.

Use writing tasks that involve both reading and writing.
  1. Demonstrate the ability to derive meaning from a piece of reading.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to distinguish between the meaning one makes of a text and the author's intended meaning.
  3. Paraphrase and summarize accurately.

Develop critical thinking skills
  1. Explore the relationships among language, knowledge, and power.
  2. Assess the progress revealed in a body of work.
  3. Develop critical thinking skills and apply them to reading texts.

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