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Database Administration

Course NumberCST 259
Lab Hours15
Lecture Hours30
Course DescriptionPrerequisite: CST 159 with a minimum grade of "C." Gives a firm foundation in basic administration of a database. Installs and maintains a database software, gains a conceptual understanding of database architecture and how its components work and interact with one another. Creates an operational database and properly manages the various structures in an effective and efficient manner including performance monitoring, database security, user management, and backup/recovery techniques. (30-15)

Outcomes and Objectives

Prepare a database environment.
  1. Determine system requirements for a database environment.
  2. Set environment variables.
  3. Set advanced installation options.
  4. Configure database options.

Manage database storage structures.
  1. Describe how Table data is stored.
  2. Describe a database Block.
  3. Manage Tablespaces.

Administer user security.
  1. Create database user Accounts.
  2. Use predefined administration Accounts.
  3. Describe the benefits of Roles.
  4. Create/assign Roles.
  5. Implement password security features.
  6. Assign quotas to users.

Manage Schema objects.
  1. Describe a Schema.
  2. Access Schema objects.
  3. Specify data types in Tables.
  4. Create and modify Tables.
  5. Understand data integrity.
  6. Describe/create Indexes.
  7. Describe/create Views.
  8. Describe/create Sequences.

Perform database backups.
  1. Understand backup solutions.
  2. Plan/perform user-managed backup.
  3. Configure backup settings.

Use property classes to share object properties.
  1. Store reusable objects in object groups.
  2. Create object libraries to store reuseable objects.
  3. Use PL/SQL libraries in forms to share PL/SQL program units.

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