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Advanced Oracle Database Management

Course NumberCST 259
Lab Hours0
Lecture Hours45
Course DescriptionPrerequisite: CST 159. Creates PL/SQL programs and named program units that are stored in the database and in the workstation file system. Creates integrated database applications with Oracle utilities. Develops project applications for databases with large data sets. Uses the object-oriented features in Form Builder to create reusable form objects. (45-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

Describe PL/SQL.
  1. Define PL/SQL variables and data types.
  2. Describe the structure of PL/SQL program blocks and basic operations.
  3. Manipulate variables.
  4. Perform number and character string operations.
  5. Use techniques for debugging PL/SQL programs.

Create named PL/SQL programs.
  1. Define named PL/SQL program units.
  2. Create server-side stored procedures and functions.
  3. Create client-side procedures and functions.
  4. Use the Procedure Builder debugging environment.
  5. Create libraries of program units.

Create custom forms.
  1. Create custom forms.
  2. Write PL/SQL triggers to process records.
  3. Create program units called by a trigger.
  4. Use the Forms Debugger.
  5. Control user navigation in a form.

Create advanced forms with Form Builder.
  1. Define form non-input data items that display images and sounds.
  2. Create boilerplate items and calculated form fields.
  3. Create static and dynamic image items that display graphics.
  4. Create forms that insert sound objects into the database and play sounds.

Design integrated database applications.
  1. Define the steps for developing a database application.
  2. Design a database application interface.
  3. Create a global path variable to specify the location of form, report, and graphic files.
  4. Use timers to create a splash screen.
  5. Create form templates and visual attribute groups.
  6. Open, navigate among, and close form modules in a multiple form application.

Use property classes to share object properties.
  1. Store reusable objects in object groups.
  2. Create object libraries to store reuseable objects.
  3. Use PL/SQL libraries in forms to share PL/SQL program units.

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