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Linux Networking II

Course NumberCST 265
Lab Hours0
Lecture Hours45
Course DescriptionPrerequisite: CST 165. Covers configuring different types of servers, administering advanced network administration tasks with command-line and graphical user interface tools, printing, and troubleshooting. (45-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

Describe Linux software.
  1. Explain function libraries.
  2. Explain command-line utility rpm to manage software.
  3. Discuss different graphical tools to manage software.

Explain the Linux kernel.
  1. Explain kernel modules.
  2. Describe booting the kernel.
  3. Explain how to configure the boot manager.
  4. Identify how to initialize, start, and stop system services.
  5. Discuss system services configuration.

Identify the Linux shell.
  1. Explain the concept of the shell.
  2. Describe the functions of the shell.
  3. Describe the different types of shells.
  4. Explain various shell commands.
  5. Describe how to customize the shell.

Describe advanced administration tasks.
  1. Explain programming concepts.
  2. Describe shell scripts.
  3. Discuss how to automate various tasks.
  4. Explain how to modify the Linux kernel source code.

Explain troubleshooting Linux.
  1. Explain a disaster recovery plan.
  2. Describe how to create rescue disks.
  3. Explain the need for an Uninterruptible Power Supply.
  4. Explain how to check file system integrity.
  5. Identify different backup strategies.
  6. Identify different backup utilities.

Discuss managing system resources.
  1. View system status, device, and process information.
  2. Explain managing processes.
  3. Explain managing memory.
  4. Identify potential system bottlenecks.
  5. Discuss system logs.

Describe Linux printing.
  1. Describe the Linux printing process.
  2. Explain how to configure printers.
  3. Discuss printing from the command line.
  4. Discuss printing from the graphical user interface.
  5. Explain printing policies.
  6. Identify print management utilities.

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