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Financial Management

Course NumberACC 235
Lab Hours0
Lecture Hours45
Course DescriptionPrerequisite: ACC 212 with a C (2.0) minimum. An introduction to the basic concepts of financial management. Includes goals and functions of financial management, financial forecasting, leverage, working capital management, time value of money, stock and bond valuation, cost of capital, capital budgeting, and concept of risk. (45-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

Recognize the goals and functions of financial management and alternative career paths in finance.
  1. Describe the field of finance and the role of the financial manager in the broader business environment.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the job opportunities and work activities within the specialized fields of finance.

Identify and apply financial models of analysis and planning in a business setting.
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of financial forecasting and its uses in business.
  2. Evaluate operating and financial leverage and the impact of leverage on business decisions.

Recognize and apply financial concepts related to working capital management.
  1. Describe the impact of working capital decisions in financial management.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of current asset management.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of the sources and costs of short-term financing.

Recognize and interpret financial concepts of the capital budgeting process.
  1. Apply concepts of time value of money to capital budgeting decisions.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the valuation of stocks and bonds.
  3. Describe the cost of capital and its impact on capital budgeting decisions.
  4. Evaluate various capital budgeting techniques.
  5. Describe the impact of risk in the decision-making process.

Recognize the role of ethics in the business environment.
  1. Describe the social and ethical responsibility of financial managers to stockholders and society.
  2. Indicate and discuss ethical situations in finance.

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