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Ballet I

Course NumberLWA 167
Lab Hours30
Lecture Hours0
Course DescriptionIntroduces the basic movements of ballet coordinated with exercises for stretching, flexing, and toning. Includes postural alignment and correction, basic barre work, and beginning center adage and allegro movements. (0-30)

Outcomes and Objectives

Describe and explain the concepts and components of Ballet I.
  1. Describe and explain ballet barre terms.
  2. Describe and explain center floor terms.
  3. List at least three of the combinations performed during the ballet class using the appropriate French terms.
  4. Describe and explain a brief history of the development of the art of ballet.
  5. Describe a few changes that haave had a major effect on the development of modern ballet.
  6. Describe the fitness/wellness benefits of participating in the art of ballet on a regular basis.

Demonstrate the concepts and components of Ballet I.
  1. Demonstrate ballet barre exercises.
  2. Demonstrate center floor steps and combinations.
  3. Demonstrate proper ballet body placements using both appropriate discipline and mental awareness of the basic fundamental elements of the art of ballet.
  4. Compose a one-page critique of a live dance performance.

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