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Tennis I

Course NumberLWA 137
Lab Hours30
Lecture Hours0
Course DescriptionIntroduces the basic strokes in tennis along with rules, strategies, and courtesies of the game. Credit may be earned in LW 137 or LWA 137 but not in both. (0-30)

Outcomes and Objectives

Describe and explain the concepts and components of beginning tennis.
  1. Identify the personal equipment necessary to play tennis.
  2. Identify the lines and areas of a tennis court for both singles and doubles.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of scoring.
  4. Explain strategies of play in singles and doubles and tennis ethics.

Demonstrate the concepts and components of beginning tennis.
  1. Demonstrate the proper grip of a tennis racquet for a:
    1. Forehand
    2. Volley
    3. One or two handed backhand
  2. Demonstrate a proficiency in the use of the following tennis strokes:
    1. The forehand
    2. The backhand
    3. The volley
    4. The serve
    5. The basic ready position
  3. Demonstrate a legally and successfully served beginners or flat serve.
  4. Demonstrate the proper foot and body position in executing different tennis strokes.
  5. Display knowledge and an understanding of the basic strategies for singles and doubles.

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