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Racquetball I

Course NumberLWA 131
Lab Hours30
Lecture Hours0
Course DescriptionIntroduces basic skills and rules necessary to participate in racquetball which is a competitive game played in a four-walled court by two, three, or four players using stringed racquets to serve and return the ball. Credit may be earned in LW 131 or LWA 131 but not in both. (0-30)

Outcomes and Objectives

Describe and explain the concepts and components of Racquetball I.
  1. Describe and explain the racquetball court in terms of all designated lines and areas.
  2. Describe and explain the fundamental strategies used during the play of singles, doubles, and cut throat.
  3. Describe and explain the scoring systems used for racquetball play, the rules of the game for singles, doubles, and cut throat, as well as the proper etiquette during play.
  4. Describe and explain a minimum of four serves used during the play of racquetball.
  5. Describe and explain at least five offensive and/or defensive shots used in racquetball.
  6. Describe and explain proper court positioning during the play of racquetball.
  7. Explain some of the fitness benefits of playing the game of racquetball on a regular basis.

Demonstrate the concepts and components of Racquetball I.
  1. Demonstrate both the proper forehand and backhand grips.
  2. Demonstrate the proper footwork required to execute both a forehand and backhand shot.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to move into the proper body position to execute the various racquetball shots.
  4. Demonstrate a basic proficiency in hitting the following racquetball shots.
    1. Forehand
    2. Backhand
    3. Back wall
    4. Ceiling
    5. Kill
    6. Pinch
  5. Demonstrate the appropriate use of the forehand, backhand, back wall, ceiling, kill, and pinch shots during the playing of a racquetball game.
  6. Demonstrate the following racquetball serves:
    1. Drive/Power
    2. Lob
    3. Z
    4. Garbage

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