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Beginning Internet Concepts

Course NumberCST 093
Lab Hours1.5
Lecture Hours7.5
Course DescriptionPresents the terminology needed to become familiar with the Internet. Provides a first exposure to the Internet in a hands-on setting. Assists those who lack familiarity with e-mail and searching the Web. Does not earn credit toward graduation. (7.5-1.5)

Outcomes and Objectives

Use the Windows Operating System as it relates to the Internet.
  1. Open and close multiple Internet applications.
  2. Use the clipboard to Copy/Cut/Paste text and objects from a Web page.
  3. Save, Save As, and Print files.

Perform simple e-mail tasks.
  1. Receive e-mail messages in a Web-based e-mail application.
  2. Send e-mail messages.
  3. Delete e-mail messages.

Perform simple Web activities.
  1. Access various Delta College Web pages using links.
  2. Access various Web pages in a Course Management System.
  3. Access a variety of Web pages given their addresses.
  4. Do simple research on the Internet.

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