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Beginning Computer Windows Concepts

Course NumberCST 091
Lab Hours3
Lecture Hours15
Course DescriptionProvides the terminology needed to become familiar with computer hardware and software. Provides a first exposure to the Windows Operating system in a hands-on setting focusing on file and folder management. Assists those who lack familiarity with computer technology. This course does not count towards graduation. Credit may be earned in CST 091 or CST 092, but not both. (15-3)

Outcomes and Objectives

Use basic terminology involved with computer hardware and software.
  1. Describe the Input / Process / Output cycle of computer processing.
  2. Define basic terms related to everyday computing.
  3. Identify various Input and Output devices.
  4. Identify various Storage devices.
  5. Describe Systems Software and Application Software; list various kinds of Application Software.

Use the Windows Operating System.
  1. Open and close multiple applications.
  2. Use the clipboard to Copy/Cut/Paste text and objects within a document and from document to document.
  3. Create and modify simple drawings and text files.
  4. Save, Save As and Print files.
  5. Use folders to organize a disk.
  6. Copy, move, rename and delete files.

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