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Leadership II Strategies for Personal Success

Course NumberFST 303
Lab Hours0
Lecture Hours15
Course DescriptionProvides the basic leadership skills and tools needed to perform effectively in the fire service environment. Includes ethics, use and abuse of power, creativity, and management of the multiple roles of a leader. Credit may be earned in either FST 300 or FST 302, 303, 304, and 305 combined. (15-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

Demonstrate selected skills needed to perform effectively as a leader the fire service environment.
  1. Identify typical multiple roles and responsibilities
  2. Identify four levels of accountability
  3. Identify possible sources of role conflict and a balancing strategy for resolving
  4. Identify the importance of serving as a role model for subordinates
  5. Identify the importance of creativity and innovation and analyze the elements and five-step process
  6. Identify the types, sources and limits of power
  7. Identify the importance and impact of ethics upon an organization and its members
  8. Demonstrate decision-making involving ethical practices

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