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Help Desk Fundamentals

Course NumberCST 135
Lab Hours0
Lecture Hours15
Course DescriptionExplores computer support processes and procedures that are used in business. Examines methods of communicating with users. Describes how service agreements are established with users. Defines problem solving procedures and methods to track and measure a problem until it is solved. (15-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

Define an overview of End-User computing.
  1. Examine some historical changes in computer use.
  2. Describe the types of end users.
  3. List the main categories of computer applications.
  4. Define the problems that accompany the growth of end-user computing.

Apply communication and interpersonal skills.
  1. Define the importance of communication skills and customer service relationships.
  2. Build and communicate understanding.
  3. Develop a call management strategy.

Identify problem-solving situations and how user support specialists solve them.
  1. Identify the types of common end-user computer problems.
  2. Identify the problem-solving process user support specialists follow to solve several typical support problems.

Apply tools and strategies that help desks use to support end users in an effective and efficient way.
  1. Identify the tools that are available to track problems.
  2. Identify how we are able to have asset control and problem control.
  3. Apply these tools in an efficient manner.

Obtain an understanding of the managerial perspective.
  1. Identify some of the tasks, skills, issues and concerns that confront user support and help desk management.
  2. Develop a mission statement.
  3. Identify the purpose of staffing and training.

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