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German One

Course NumberGE 111
Lab Hours0
Lecture Hours60
Course DescriptionAcquisition of proper pronunciation, basic grammatical structures and vocabulary of modern spoken and written German by means of oral practice, reading of simple texts, and written exercises. (60-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

The students will acquire the basic language skills--speaking listening, reading, writing--needed for communication in French at the elementary level. While studying German the students will become familiar with certain aspects of the culture of Germany.
  1. Form simple sentences with the nominative and accusative cases.
  2. Use the accusative prepositions.
  3. Make purchases and change in German and Austrian currency.
  4. Make transportation and hotel reservations.
  5. Tell time.
  6. Give directions.
  7. Read departure and arrival boards at railway stations.
  8. Order meals.
  9. Make introductions.
  10. Recognize and use the correct gender for nouns
  11. Address people formally and informally.
  12. Recognize and give commands.
  13. Formulate questions.
  14. Recognize and use vocabulary to describe various parts of the body.
  15. Describe physical and personality characteristics of themselves and other people.
  16. Use orally and in written form numbers from 1-999,000,000.

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