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Elements of Music

Course NumberMUS 100
Lab Hours0
Lecture Hours45
Course DescriptionRudiments of music, including notation, clefs, keys, syllables, and rhythm. Elementary conducting technique. Planned to meet the basic musical needs of prospective elementary teachers. Also is a basic course in beginning theory for anyone interested in music. Recommended to be taken concurrently with MUS 131. (45-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

Manipulate the standard symbols/language of music notation and expression.
  1. Define basic terminology of notation and expression
  2. Define letter names on the grand staff and ledger lines.
  3. Relate pitches on staves to location on piano keyboard.
  4. Differentiate relative note values.

Read, write, and perform common rhythms.
  1. Count basic rhythmic patterns including syncopation.
  2. Differentiate simple and compound meters.
  3. Conduct 2, 3, and 4 count beat patterns.

Read and write scales and key signatures.
  1. Identify and construct Major and Minor scales.
  2. Identify and construct key signatures.
  3. Describe the circle of fifths.

Manipulate musical intervals.
  1. Identify melodic and harmonic intervals.
  2. Classify and construct all intervals through the octave.
  3. Invert intervals.
  4. Convert intervals within basic interval families.

Manipulate basic chords.
  1. Read, write and perform at the keyboard the four basic triad types: Major, Minor, Diminished, and Augmented.
  2. Invert triads.
  3. Convert triads.
  4. Construct seventh chords.
  5. Locate the root of any triad.
  6. Construct the triads on any scale.
  7. Identify the primary triads on any scale.

Devise and evaluate methods of presenting the rudiments of music to elementary age students.
  1. Construct a Theory Board of the rudiments of music.
  2. Discuss practical insights in the use of musical games/projects appropriate for elementary classroom settings.
  3. Identify resources for classroom teaching of music.

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