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Introduction to Nursing Careers

Course NumberNUR 100A
Lab Hours0
Lecture Hours15
Course DescriptionProvides strategies and skills to enhance success within Delta's nursing program. Emphasizes critical thinking, time management, and learning styles. Includes overview of nursing's past and present, and challenges for the future. Credit may be earned in NUR 100 or NUR 100A, but not both. (15-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

Explore nursing challenges: past, present and future
  1. Describe the contemporary nurse and the historical evolution of nursing.
  2. Identify appropriate professional behaviors and responsibilities of the individual nurse.
  3. Describe legal aspects of nursing practice.

Describe nursing entry and education levels.
  1. Identify admission requirements.
  2. Identify employment opportunities based on educational preparation.
  3. Discuss the roles and responsibilities for each level of nursing.

Apply strategies to enhance one's own learning for academic success in nursing.
  1. Analyze personal learning style.
  2. Demonstrate time management techniques.
  3. Utilize the available learning resources to strengthen course-work performance.

Utilize basic critical thinking skills as needed in nursing practice.A. Define critical thinking terms.B. Discuss attributes which promote critical thinking.

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