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JavaScript Programming

Course NumberCST 214
Lab Hours0
Lecture Hours30
Course DescriptionPrerequisite: CST 173 (or CST 170), and CST 210, or equivalent HTML and programming experience. Introduces the JavaScript scripting language for web page enhancement. Includes JavaScript programming elements, forms and graphical user interface, managing windows, controlling links and location, and working with images, plug-ins, and documents. Credit may be earned in CST 214 or CST 114 but not in both. (30-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

Define necessary terminology and apply required prerequisite web page skills necessary to work with JavaScript.
  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the use of a web browser.
  2. Demonstrate skills in basic HTML scripting including formatting text, managing links, and displaying graphics.
  3. Describe the relationship between a web page, HTML, JavaScript, CGI, and Java.

Use the fundamental components of the JavaScript programming language.
  1. Use the "Script" tag to implement JavaScript code in HTML.
  2. Define basic structure of JavaScript application.
  3. Define and apply the JavaScript document object model.
  4. Define and apply JavaScript data types and variables
  5. Utilize JavaScript functions for programming tasks.
  6. Define and implement mathematical operations and functions.
  7. Develop conditional (if) statements and work with logical operators.
  8. Develop loops to solve various repetition problems.
  9. Manipulate string data and string objects.
  10. Demonstrate ability to work with JavaScript arrays.
  11. Apply the Date object. for calendar operations.
  12. Define JavaScript objects and methods for specific applications.

Utilize features of the JavaScript language.
  1. Create and control windows and frames.
  2. Display messages in alert windows.
  3. Manage links, images, and forms using JavaScript document objects.
  4. Control history of a user's activity with a Web page.
  5. Manipulate display of images in a Web page.
  6. Control audio and video plug-ins.
  7. Controlling user location and use of links.
  8. Create and manage active image areas.
  9. Define and mange forms.
  10. Define and manage graphical user interface tools including text fields, text areas, buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, and selection lists.
  11. Demonstrate ability to use forms to send data.
  12. Manage cookies.
  13. Interfacing HTML and JavaScript with a Java applet.

Use JavaScript to solve meaningful problems.
  1. Debug JavaScript errors.
  2. Program, text, and implement numerous working JavaScript applications.

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