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Advanced Web Page Development

Course NumberCST 210
Lab Hours0
Lecture Hours30
Course DescriptionPrerequisite: CST 110, CIS 160, CPS 160, CIS 161 or equivalent basic HTML web page knowledge. Focuses on concepts and tools for building web pages beyond basic HTML. Includes introductions to frames, forms, stylesheets, image maps, and managing differences in current web browsers. Introduces web page scripting and server interactions. Discusses Internet issues including ethics, etiquette, accessibility and security. (30-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

Build web pages using basic HTML formatting tags.
  1. Create and modify web pages using basic HTML text formatting tags.
  2. Modify web page text and background color.
  3. Integrate links into basic web pages.
  4. Integrate graphic images into basic web pages.
  5. Implement HTML tables within web pages and tailor tables for various web page layouts.

Integrate advanced HTML techniques to design and build web pages.
  1. Implement web pages using frames.
  2. Implement web pages using stylesheets.
  3. Implement web pages using image maps.
  4. Utilize Java and Meta tags in web pages.
  5. Describe and incorporate basic web page scripting using JavaScript and/or VBScript.
  6. Develop web page forms including text fields, buttons, and labels.

Describe and integrate specialized web tools.
  1. Develop simple, interactive web pages using ASP.
  2. Develop web pages that include simple Active X controls.
  3. Develop web pages that incorporate XML and XSL components.

Build web pages within the context of good etiquette and in consideration of all users.
  1. Create a visually pleasing, yet easily navigatable web page.
  2. Explain issues and implement good design for individuals with disablites.
  3. Explain and implement security functions.
  4. Explain and implement proper etiquette on the Internet.
  5. Explain and apply proper ethics issues to web pages.

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