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Principles of Computer Programming I

Course NumberCST 170
Lab Hours0
Lecture Hours15
Course DescriptionIntroduces fundamental concepts and techniques used to design computer programs. Includes problem definition, algorithm development, and program documentation. A programming language will be used to implement the design concepts. (15-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

The student will attain an understanding of data types.
  1. Distinguish between variable and constant data.
  2. Recognize the basic data types.
  3. Identify usage and storage requirements for each data type.
  4. Define conventions for naming identifiers.

The student will be able to explain basic operations on data.
  1. Identify the arithmetic and relational operators.
  2. Understand the order of arithmetic operations.
  3. Use arithmetic operators in simple expressions to perform calculations.
  4. Recognize the use of relational operators in simple expressions to control program flow using sequence, selection, and iteration.

The student will be able to create simple algorithms.
  1. Explain and implement modular design.
  2. Understand flowcharting symbols.
  3. Use flowcharting software.
  4. Describe and use pseudo code.

The student will develop and implement solutions to computing problems.
  1. Identify types of programming errors.
  2. Code, test, debug, and provide proofs for simple programs.
  3. Understand and use internal and external documentation.

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