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Spreadsheet Fundamentals

Course NumberCST 151
Lab Hours0
Lecture Hours30
Course DescriptionPrerequisite: CST 103 or Windows experience or permission of instructor. Surveys Microsoft Excel on the IBM PC including evaluation of spreadsheets, data base, graphics, report formatting and macros as applied to personal small business, and industrial settings. Credit may be earned in only one of the following: CST 151, CIS 132, CST 155, CIS 136. (30-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

The student will demonstrate basic Windows skills.
  1. Identify the components of the Windows desktop
  2. Switch tasks in a multi-tasking environment
  3. Use Windows menus
  4. Maximize and minimize windows
  5. Demonstrate effective file management

The student will create and print worksheets.
  1. Plan, design, build, and review a worksheet
  2. Enter labels, values, and formulas
  3. Edit cell entries
  4. Check spelling in a worksheet
  5. Use the Help feature
  6. Change a column width
  7. Save a worksheet

The student will demonstrate skill in modifying a worksheet.
  1. Complete a sequence of column headings
  2. Copy formulas
  3. Identify relative and absolute references
  4. Use the @SUM and @ROUND functions
  5. Format numbers

The student will demonstrate skill in enhancing a worksheet and producing reports.
  1. Insert and delete rows
  2. Use the @TODAY function to include the date
  3. Select fonts and attributes
  4. Add boxes and shading
  5. Produce presentation-quality reports
  6. Create and print headers and footers on worksheet

The student will create and print charts.
  1. Select and create various charts
  2. Specify titles, legends, and axis labels
  3. Preview and print charts

The student will prepare and examine what-if alternatives
  1. Create and use range names in formulas and printing
  2. Use versions and scenarios in evaluating what-if alternatives
  3. Use @AVG, @MIN, @MAX, and @PMT functions
  4. Work with multiple worksheets

The student will create and use macros.
  1. Record, play, and place a macro in a worksheet
  2. Name a macro and create a macro button
  3. Edit and debug a macro

The student will create and use a worksheet database.
  1. Plan and set up a database
  2. Sort data and query a database
  3. Find records in a database

The student will combine and integrate worksheet applications.
  1. Combine and link multiple worksheet files
  2. Paste, line, and embed objects between Windows applications

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